Our Sponsors

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  • Ministry of Health – Dias funding
  • Rotary Club Cambridge
  • Waikato Lyceum Charitable Trust
  • Grassroots Trust
  • SkyCity
  • Community Post
  • Donny Charitable Trust
  • The Norah Howell Charitable Trust
  • Waikato WDFF Karamu Trust
  • D V Bryant Trust
  • Jumble Around
  • Healthcare Rehabilitation Tauranga
  • HCC Well-Being Grant
  • The Page Trust
  • Waikato Provincial Rural Women NZ
  • C1 South
  • Oosh Cambridge
  • 4Good NZ
  • A-Lectrics Ltd



A special thank you to everyone who has given a donation, but for privacy reasons cannot be named. A big thank you to all our volunteers for sharing their valuable time with us.