Daily archives: November 10, 2016

My life as I knew it changed suddenly and quickly at 8:20 am on 18th October 2006. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) when two heavy metal gates came crushing down on to my forehead, severely damaging my Frontal Lobe. The Frontal Lobe part of the brain control or […]


Having a head injury can be a ticket to hell. Fortunately, it may be a return ticket. My name is Stephen and here is my story. In September 2007 I had a horrific accident. 5 strokes and a cerebral haemorrhage later, and after 23 months agonisingly slow recovery, I am […]


Just over six years ago, I was out training for the Tour of Taranaki road cycling race, and was hit from behind by a car in an 80km/h area. The driver didn’t stop, and the first thing I remember is being in hospital, having my head glued back together. I […]


I had a TBI in 1976 as a result of a severe Motor Vehicle Accident, but let me begin my story a few years earlier. I was born in Kenya and as a result have got their long distance running gene in me. We lived in South Africa when this […]


I remember the date so well, 8th June 2008. It is the date that for some reason my life was about to take a different journey, from an incident that was over just by the click of the fingers. The actual event itself I still to this day don’t know […]