Our main source of income is through funding and donations. We rely on donations to support the work we do. We encourage you to become a member or friend of Brain Injury Waikato. You can make a donation online, (bank account details below). Feel free to complete the Membership Form by clicking the button below to get a receipt emailed to you.

Download the Membership Form

Becoming a friend of Brain Injury Waikato means that you are giving us a monthly donation instead of paying a one off membership fee.

Our bank account details:
SBS Bank,
Victoria Street, Hamilton,
Account number: 03-1355-0691730-00

Donations can be monetary or in the form of much needed equipment for the office.
All donations over $5 are tax deductible, you can claim 33% of all donations made. We will help you to complete the ‘Tax credit claim form’ the end of the financial year.


We are registered with Give a little by the Spark Foundation. It is a quick and easy way to donate to support the work we do.

Make A Donation


We have First Aid Kits for sale as a fundraiser. This kit is $39.95 and $12 of each kit sold goes to the Brain Injury Waikato. The kit has transparent fold-out compartments that contains 77 items including a digital thermometer and instant ice pack. It is CE approved and follows Worksafe NZ guidelines. To view this kit and have a look at the contents go to or click the button below.



You can donate through PAYROLL GIVING. Your employer deducts a set amount from your wages and it gets paid directly to us.

Some companies run schemes which allow you to donate a set amount, tax-free, each pay day to a selected charity. It is easy and works for all involved

Donations made via payroll giving receive an immediate PAYE credit of 33% of the donation amount. This means if you donate $15, it only costs you $10.

Since the scheme was introduced in New Zealand in January 2010, almost $14 million has been donated through payroll giving to community organisations nationwide

As a registered charity, Brain Injury Waikato is already approved by Inland Revenue as a donee organisation eligible to participate in payroll giving.

Please let us know if your workplace chooses to support Brain Injury Waikato in this way – so we can verify our bank account, prepare donation summaries for your records, keep you informed and keep in touch. But most importantly – to thank you!

Payroll giving isn’t available at my workplace. How can I encourage my employer to participate?

Check out to see what’s involved in setting up payroll giving.

Why should an employer consider payroll giving?

It benefits employers, employees and their communities. It enables employers to demonstrate their support for their customers, the wider community and above all, their staff and the causes that matter to them.

While there is no legal requirement for an employer to offer payroll giving, there are many benefits  because it:

  • Represents a cost-effective revenue source for the charitable sector and helps provide a steady income stream
  • Is a tax-effective method of donating, with employees receiving an immediate tax benefit of 33% of their donation
  • Enables employers to help their employees support causes that are important to them.
  • Can be used to support employers’ corporate community investment and recruitment and retention strategies
  • Enables committed long-term giving by individual employees, while also being flexible enough to facilitate one-off donations as part of broader corporate community investment or fundraising initiatives
  • Enables organisations to respond quickly to appeals in times of crisis. Payroll giving contributions increased significantly in the weeks after the Canterbury earthquakes.

For recipient donee organisations payroll giving lowers the cost of fundraising and provides a steady revenue stream.

For employees the donations they make are deducted before they receive their pay. The process is seamless and they receive an immediate tax credit of 33% of the donation.

For employers payroll giving supports recruitment and retention strategies, and demonstrates support for the things that matter to employees outside the workplace.

My sincere thanks to people who are currently donating this way.


Please contact the office if you are prepared to help with any of these sporadic jobs. We need help with the following:

  • Someone to take photos at all events at the office and at other venues;
  • Seminars – help in setting up and kitchen duties;
  • Visit Community Houses, CAB and other organisations to make sure they have some of our
  • Brochures – ongoing;
  • Attending some network meetings on behalf of staff;
  • Folding of newsletters and putting in envelopes etc – quarterly;
  • Facilitating Support Group meetings in outer areas;
  • Community displays;
  • Brain Injury Awareness events;
  • People with particular skills / hobbies willing to share it at Support Group meetings;
  • Help with end of year event and other events for clients / families.
  • Find interesting articles and quotes for Facebook and newsletter. (Articles will be used at the discretion of the Manager)

Contact Us

Brain Injury Waikato Incorporated is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005. For more information about us visit the Charities Register at or click on this link.
Our registration number is CC 23785.