Education Session – Concussion in Sport (Dr. Danielle Salmon)

Concussion in Sport – Dr. Danielle Salmon  Brain Injury Education Session 26 March 2021

Education Session: Concussion in Sport

Guest Speaker: Dr. Danielle Salmon

Place/Time: Friday March 26th/1:00pm

Venue: 8 Keddell Street (via Kent Street car park)

Limited venue space – RSVP

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Bio-Dr. Danielle Salmon (PhD): Danielle is currently a Research Scientist for New Zealand Rugby (NZR) where she conducts the injury surveillance for Super Rugby and is leading NZR community rugby concussion initiative. This concussion initiative has employed a social ecological model to develop a concussion management pathway that consider the levels of influence from the policy to the interpersonal interactions on the stakeholders involved in the management of concussions. Over the past two years, she has developed and piloted different components of the pathway and clinical decision support tools (NZR mobile Concussion App and NZR Concussion Portal) which have been developed to operationalize current best practice concussion recommendations at the community level.