YouTube Channel – Brain Injury Waikato

SPEAKER: Gil Newburn (Neuropsychiatrist)
TOPIC: Communication and Relationships following a Brain Injury
Brain Injury Waikato
15th October 2020
Frankton, Hamilton.
Gil Newburn is always popular and his knowledge is unique in the brain injury field in New Zealand.
Brain Injury impacts our the ability to communicate and interact with others regardless whether it is family, partner/spouse/, socially with friends, or the bank teller.
Gil always offers a rich depth of information with opportunities to share and ask questions .
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Communication and Relationships – Gil Newburn (part I)

Communication and Relationships – Gil Newburn (part II)

SPEAKER: Dr. Danielle Salmon (NZ Rugby)
TOPIC: Concussion in Sport
Brain Injury Waikato
26th March 2021
Frankton, Hamilton.
A discussion by Dr. Danielle Salmon looking at the impact of Concussion in Sport with the focus coming from NZ Rugby trialling ‘Blue Cards’ in games and a reporting App in three NZ Provinces
Concussion in Sport – Dr. Danielle Slamon