Camp Unity is a Charitable Trust which aims to improve the well-being of children by ‘being a safe haven for children affected by brain injury’. Programmes for children are developed to help them build self-esteem, confidence and coping skills to deal with daily struggles. Register today (link to the form) […]

Camp Unity

Communication and Relationships (Gil Newburn) Communication and Relationships (Gil Newburn) 15 October 2020 Gil Newburn is always popular and his knowledge is unique in the brain injury field in New Zealand. Brain Injury impacts our the ability to communicate and interact with others regardless whether it is family, partner/spouse/, socially […]

Education Session – Communication and Relationships (Gil Newburn)

The Keto Diet (William Morris) The Keto Diet (William Morris) 20th October 2020 William is known to a few of you, and is passionate about how the Keto diet has changed his daily life. Come along to listen, ask questions  and or share. RSVP please.  Donations are much appreciated from […]

Education Session – The Keto Diet (William Morris)