About Us

Brain Injury Waikato is a charitable organisation established in 1987 to support people of all ages and families effected by brain injury. Our organisation provides advocacy, support and education to people who have sustained a brain injury, their families/whanau and carers.

Brain Injury Waikato aims to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of brain injury and promote prevention throughout Waikato. To achieve this, we will be forming relationships with community groups, schools, sports groups, NZ Police and businesses, ensuring people are aware of the impact a brain injury has on the person, their whanau, friends, workplace and the general community.

Brain Injury Waikato has two full time and one part time staff member and a number of volunteers.



  • Advocacy on behalf of clients with ACC, Work and Income, Housing NZ, Probation, Correction Services, medical consultations and assessments, court and other social services;
  • On-going client and family support;
  • Provision of relevant information including quarterly newsletters;
  • Awareness and prevention through regular expos, displays, events and presentations;
  • Support group meetings;
  • ‘Living with a Brain Injury’ seminars;
  • Brain Injury Awareness month;
  • Community Educational Sessions in collaboration with Healthcare Rehabilitation Ltd;
  • Workshops for clients, families and carers;



Marion Baird
Marion Baird
Liaison Officer

Wendy Kimble
Wendy Kimble
Liaison Officer

Robin Slade

On 1 December 2016 the organisation name was changed to Brain Injury Waikato Incorporated.  Previously known as Head Injury Society Waikato Inc T/A THINK! The Head Injury Society Waikato Inc was established in the Waikato in 1987.